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Project Generation

Turning the mines of the past into the ore deposits of the future

In-house project generation is being carried out by Sodor Geosciences on selected areas with the intention identifying prospective areas where an exploration licence/permit application can be lodged. Sodor Geosciences approach is to identify an area of interest, typically a neglected former mining area or region, and then source as much historical geological and mining data as possible. This data is then compiled into a database from whcih the historical data can be re-evaluated using modern computer based techniques, a conceptual geological model produced and potential exploration target areas defined.

Further news on Sodor Geosciences project generation activities will be released in due course.

An example of a project which was reviewed by the Sodor Geosciences team is the Millwood goldfields in the Western Cape of South Africa. Please contact us if you would like more details on this project.

Millwood goldfields presentation

Link to gallery of exploration and mining pictures.