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The Arabian Nubian Shield (ANS)

This geological terrane covers a large portion of Northeast Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, and represents an assemblage of well-preserved subduction-related litho-tectonic blocks, accreted juvenile arc terranes, volcano-sedimentary basins, micro-continental terranes, and syn- to post-tectonic intrusions that formed between 800-650 Ma. The ANS has demonstrated potential for orogenic gold and VMS deposits whilst subduction related deposits, such as porphyry copper deposits (PCD) and epithermal gold deposits, are also present.

Gold deposits include:

  • Sukari, 15.3 Moz Au (Egypt)
  • Lega Dembe, 2.5 Moz Au (Ethiopia)
  • Tulu Kapi, 2.0 Moz Au (Ethiopia)
  • Ad Duwayhi, 2.7 Moz Au (Saudi Arabia)
  • Galat Safur South, 3.0 Moz Au (Sudan)

VMS deposits include:

  • Ariab, 3 Moz Au oxide mined, 10.3 Moz Aueq sulphide resource (Sudan)
  • Bisha, 0.8 Moz Au oxide mined, 222 Mlb Cu & 1,231 Mlb Zn sulphide resource (Eritrea)
  • Jebel Sayed, 1252 Mlb Cu (Saudi Arabia)

Porphyry and epithermal deposits include:

  • Jebel Ohier, 2913 Mlb Cu (Sudan)
  • Mahd ad Dahab, >2 Moz Au (Saudi Arabia)

Sodor Geosciences has extensive experience of working within the countries of the ANS which gives the company a unique insight into the geology and mineral deposits of the region. Principal Consultant Chris Bargmann has made several conference and webinar presentations on the ANS and its mineral deposits.

Sodor Geosciences is ideally placed to provide technical services and advice to companies who may be already working in the ANS, or those seeking to become involved in this emerging mining region.

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